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Planes, Pilots, and People of Joy Air

Meet The Crew

The Father-Son team that started it all

We are unapologetically addicted to flying. My dad bought his first airplane when I was in 4th grade and had a habit of offering free plane rides to anyone and everyone. It didn’t matter where we were going or what we saw out the window, every new passenger always had a smile on their face. There is nothing like watching someone experience flight for the first time, so we started Joy Air with the dream to share this joy of aviation with more people just like you. Our flight crew now welcomes hundreds of passengers each year and we regularly get to be the best part of someone’s vacation, birthday, anniversary, engagement or graduation celebration. It’s working!

- Wesley Parsons

Founder & Pilot

On A Mission

Safety First

Whether on the ground or in-flight, safety is top priority. Strictly maintained airplanes and adherence to FAA standards elevate your safety above financial gain.


Our team is dedicated to providing a fun flight experience for every passenger. Dad jokes included.


Everyone deserves to experience the view from up here. We keep pricing accessible, so you can spend more time looking out the window.

Launch Pad for Pilots

With an increasing shortage of pilots in the US, we serve as one of a few platforms for commercial pilots to be paid fairly while training for an airline career.

The Joy Air Story

Four Generations of Aviation.

Jungle airstrips, medical emergencies, farming innovations, and bison burgers. Joy Air was born from a long legacy of aviators, and 60+ years flying for the good of others.

Plane Simple

The Cessna 172 is the ideal air tour machine. There’s a reason it’s the most popular aircraft in history.

Industry Leading Safety Record

High Wing / Panoramic Views

1 Pilot + 3 Passengers

Slow Speed

Eco-friendly / Low Cost

Easy to Maintain

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